With that in mind, KFACC members work together, across property ownerships to accelerate the pace and scale of forest restoration and wildfire mitigation in Kittitas County. 


Kittitas County CWPP

One of the core ways KFACC influences fire preparedness and wildfire risk reduction in Kittitas County, is by convening stakeholders and community members, sharing information, coordinating actions and work, and providing space for planning across ownership boundaries. Nowhere is that better seen than in the 2018 update of the Kittitas County Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP). KFACC lead the CWPP development process and created a CWPP subcommittee to develop and complete the plan. Building a collaborative and cooperative environment with the fire departments, community-based organizations, local government, and the public land management agencies has been the first step in reducing the risk of loss from wildland fire.


Community Wildfire Defense Grant - $10,000,000 for Kittitas County

Members of KFACC, in coordination with the Kittitas County Conservation District, developed the Kittitas County Resilience Landscapes proposal and were successful in being awarded $10,000,000 for fuels mitigation projects. These projects will reduce wildfire risk in Kittitas County while creating more resilient communities and forests in the project area. 92% of requested funds are for on-the-ground fuels work. Projects are driven by the planning efforts of the Washington Department of Natural Resources, the Kittitas Community Wildfire Protection Plan, and the planning efforts of the County Fire Chiefs, the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest Cle Elum Ranger District, the SE Region of Washington Department of Natural Resources, and the Kittitas Fire Adapted Communities Coalition.


2022 Accomplishments

  • Washington State DNR reported 1,790 acres of fuels reduction on private property and a fuel break project (Lambert/Taylor Rd).
  • Local fire resources and staff were able to complete 100 acres of prescribed fire above Cle Elum and Roslyn.
  • Kittitas County Conservation District and Kittitas County Fire & Rescue #7 worked together to implement a chipping program for local landowners.
  • Kittitas Valley Fire & Rescue and IAFC Wildland Committee member, Deputy Cheif Elliot has led a county effort to create QR codes to build a more robust Emergency Notification program in accompaniment with Ready Set GO! educational materials.
  • In May, over 75 community stakeholders and members participated in an Evacuation table Top.

Kittitas county news


In May 2017, agencies, stakeholders and community members met to express concerns for wildfire related issues in Kittitas County. Recognizing the importance of the issues of fire adapted communities, the meetings continued and the Kittitas Fire Adapted Communities Coalition (KFACC) was formed.