Find ideas for fire-resistant landscaping

A well-designed landscape around a home is key to reducing the risk of loss from a wildland fire. Maintaining that landscape is essential to providing defensible space for the home and for providing for the safety of firefighters when a wildland fire occurs.

Use the guides below to learn about ways to landscape your property with fire-resistant plants. When placed in the appropriate areas of homes and businesses, and coupled with proper maintenance, this type of landscaping can help reduce damage from wildland fires.

Fire-Resistant Plants for Eastern Washington: A Step-by-Step Guide for Choosing the Right Plant for the Right Place by Washington Department of Natural Resources, Bureau of Land Management, Cascadia Conservation District, and WSU Master Gardener Program [Link to Guide]

Fire-Resistant Landscaping for Chelan/Douglas County, Washington by WSU Master Gardener Program [Link to Brochure]